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Adprize is a new and great extra perk on Neobux for members. Basically, for each ad viewed you get three Adprize chances. You are already earning cash for each click, so the Adprize is a great extra reward for people who are active on the Neobux. This is one of the reasons showing that Neobux puts the members first and always wants to reward people for their activity on the site.
The prizes are a set amount of cash and Neopoints that are awarded to the lucky winners everyday!
The following prizes are the prizes listed in their forum:

Prize available daily (in average):
  • Memberships (12 memberships divided in 12 prizes worth $1080):
    • 12 x Golden membership = $1080
  • Monetary prizes added to the main balance ($1300 divided in 1209 prizes):
    • 600 x $0.25 = $150
    • 300 x $0.50 = $150
    • 150 x $1.00 = $150
    • 100 x $2.00 = $200
    • 30 x $5.00 = $150
    • 20 x $10.00 = $200
    • 6 x $25.00 = $150
    • 3 x $50.00 = $150
  • NeoPoint prizes (65000 NeoPoints divided in 2216 prizes worth $195):
    • 2000 x 10 NeoPoints = 20000 NeoPoints
    • 200 x 100 NeoPoints = 20000 NeoPoints
    • 15 x 1000 NeoPoints = 15000 NeoPoints
    • 1 x 10000 NeoPoints = 10000 NeoPoints

Neobux also never forgets and never leaves out any of their members. They wanted to make sure this also benefits people who advertise on Neobux. Advertisers get extra views of their site as Adprize chances are views of sites that are already advertising on Neobux.

This is how Adprize also helps advertisers on Neobux.
Here is a list of the extra advertising available to those members promoting other sites on Neobux:

 Advertisment free credits:
  • Micro Exposure: 2x:
    You'll get what you purchased and the same amount to be viewed again in AdPrize.
  • Mini Exposure: 5x:
    You'll get what you purchased and 4 times more the same amount to be viewed again in AdPrize.
  • Standard Exposure: 10x:
    You'll get what you purchased and 9 times more the same amount to be viewed again in AdPrize.
  • Extended Exposure: 20x:
    You'll get what you purchased and 19 times more the same amount to be viewed again in AdPrize.
  • Fixed Advertisements: Varies:
    Your advertisement will get more views during the exposed period in AdPrize (for all purple fixed advertisements: from 10% to 85% of all AdPrize visualizations depending on the currently available advertisement's AdPrize credits).

Neobux helps everyone have success online. It doesn't matter if you are just looking to earn cash online, advertise and promote your site online, or both. Neobux keeps coming up with great new ways to help everyone have success online and increase the amount of success that you have!

This is just one of many of the things that makes Neobux the best paid to click earning site and advertising site online Since 2008!

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Small Sample of Cashout List
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